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No Practice

by Bayler Gunnell, 2008-11-18T17:28:28.000-08:00November 18 2008, at 05:28 PM PST

There is no soccer practice on Wednesday anymore, because the new principle at the Prov. Elementary said that the tape peeled the paint so we got kicked out. This is about the 2nd year doing this and the schedulers new that we did it but we can no longer play soccer in the Prov. Elementary gym anymore…

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2008-11-12T05:34:26.000-08:00November 12 2008, at 05:34 AM PST, Esteban Womack said:

Caden no offense but four people have gotten over 100. Keep doing it and you'll get 100.

2008-11-05T16:55:59.000-08:00November 05 2008, at 04:55 PM PST, Braden Card said:

caden i just photo shopped it i found a pic of me and a galaxy player and just put my ead o there, i will tell you more at practice

2008-11-05T15:15:08.000-08:00November 05 2008, at 03:15 PM PST, Caden Skinner said:

hey braden how did you get your little picture of you on there

2008-11-05T15:05:32.000-08:00November 05 2008, at 03:05 PM PST, Caden Skinner said:

in yo face

2008-11-05T15:05:21.000-08:00November 05 2008, at 03:05 PM PST, Caden Skinner said:

ive got 81 juggles!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2008-10-27T16:36:54.000-07:00October 27 2008, at 04:36 PM PDT, a former user said:

on friday i got 144 and on thursday i got 133 and my dad was witness. so far we have 4 people coming to the juggling party

2008-10-26T13:53:57.000-07:00October 26 2008, at 01:53 PM PDT, Braden Card said:


2008-10-26T13:53:12.000-07:00October 26 2008, at 01:53 PM PDT, Braden Card said:

hey guys yesterday just before leaving for the game I got 104 juggles my dad was my witness


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